Itouch "Shipped" Sept. 29th, still not here as of

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13-10-2008 06:24:59

I'm not sure if there is a Trainn rep here, but could someone look into this for me, this seems like an abnormaly long ship time.

my account number is- 4652838

I'm not sure why it would take this long...


13-10-2008 07:31:18

you could always e-mail them directly or send a note through the website.

you've been here over a year, you should know that already.



13-10-2008 13:14:09

Yeah, just email us or open a ticket and we'll be glad to provide you with additional information on it.



13-10-2008 17:06:06

Thanks alan I have a ticket open about this, hopefully we can get it resolved, PJ


14-10-2008 08:06:59

Hey Alan, they said they are looking into why the order didn't go through and that they are shipping one out today for me, can you see if I can get a tracking number this time. Thanks so much for your help!

Best regards



15-10-2008 15:49:22

What a coincidence. My Ipod Touch was shipped on September 29th, as well, and I too haven't received mine.

Maybe the same thing happened for my order. I opened a support ticket on Oct 13th, and they still haven't replied. Your ticket was obviously responded to in one day. Oh well, i guess i'll wait.

Please let me know when and if your situation is resolved/shipped, so I know what to expect.

Thank You