ALAN Please Help Me I have a missing credit request

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10-10-2008 07:49:42

ALAN Please Help Me I have a missing credit request that has not been answer for almost a month I trully need your help can you please check on it.

My email= adress is adress is

My 360elite link is http//


10-10-2008 08:30:28

Submit a support ticket, and please remove your referral link. FIPG is not a TRAINN support centre.


10-10-2008 08:56:29

He has already submitted a manual credit request, and is here to escalate the issue (which others have done successfully), which is fine.

prefontainelrg, please remove your ref link. If Alan wants/needs it, he will ask you to PM it to him.


10-10-2008 16:54:45

Sorry, my bad, I didn't realize that personal account questions were allowed here. I just meant that he should submit a ticket as a follow up to the MCR, because it seems to have been overlooked (maybe they needed different headers or additional information - weird that he has not yet received a reply).

lilieditlili Alan's signature [quote404568523b]Please do not use the board (via public post or pm) for important account specific inquiries as we may not be able to view each thread or PM and your request may go unanswered. Please use the methods we have made available on the sites and someone will assist you as soon as possible.[/quote404568523b]