Account closed

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09-10-2008 13:22:00

During my account verification I logged in at one of my referrals houses, and got an "account closed" notice. I began the verification process on 9-30, my account was locked on 10-4. I immediately started a support ticket, but have yet to hear back. I messaged Alan on here yesterday (10-8). Does anyone have any other ideas of what I can do?


10-10-2008 09:20:40

It looks like they may have closed my account because it was accessed from multiple IP's. I still have not heard back from anyone though, has anyone been successful in getting these problems resolved?


10-10-2008 16:56:37

Usually they don't mind so long as you don't register or do your offer from the same IP as someone else's account. As far as I know, it's ok to log into your account at another IP, just to check it. Let us know when you hear back, if you explain the situation maybe they will give you a break.