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19-09-2008 13:32:40


I am not sure where to post this, but since here is the TRAINN network I thought to give a try.
We are here a bunch of Canadians that have very hard time in doing offers in TRAINN sites due the low availability for the offers in our area. There are lots of offers that might work in Canada, I saw some in Level B (i.e. UMAC CORE), but then if we will start doing offers in Level B we risk to don't be able to finish the 1 credit.
Is it any way we can have added some new offers available in our area, or at least moved from Level B section to Level A section. We would really love to work hard these sites, but it is so hard without enough offers.

Thanks a lot and will be looking forward to hear from you


19-09-2008 14:40:14

One thread is enough.