iPhone 3G, contract/activation required?

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13-09-2008 08:22:05

A quck question about the iPhones on yourfreeiphone and yourfreeistuff.

First of all I assume that these are the iPhone 3G, and not the original iPhone. Second, does TraInn require you to sign up for a contract and activate through them, or do they just send you the phone?

Thanks in advance.


27-09-2008 11:50:21

Anyone know the answer to this question? Anyone here used YourFreeiPhone.com before?


30-09-2008 19:48:44

I'm a newbie, but I know the answer. They will send you the phone and you will have to go to your local AT&T store to activate it.


01-10-2008 20:28:45

sweet so that means I can sell it on ebay with no contract, i hope...


06-10-2008 19:58:22

It's in your hands you can do whatever u want to with it.