I have a problem with trainn not crediting

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12-09-2008 18:18:51


I have a problem with book of the month club myself.I completed their offer through your directed link and it has not credit me and it has been days now.I talked to their customer service and they told me they are contating trainn because I to tell them I did signed up under their offer and through trainns refferal link.However I dont know if they are actually doing it.Can you please take a look.

Thank You Mr.Alan and thanks for answering question very fast

My trainn link is http//www.360Elite4free.com/index.php?ref=5378973

and my email= adress I use for book of the month is email=estradajohnathan@rocketmail.comestradajohnathan@rocketmail.com adress I use for book of the month is email=estradajohnathan@rocketmail.comestradajohnathan@rocketmail.com/email my account number for book of the month is Account #020974970


12-09-2008 18:43:34

Hi Trainnnewbie,

You will have to send in a support ticket and fill in the manual credit request form on the Trainn site in question, after 7days you completed this offer. Its usually takes within 4-30days approximately to get Manual Credits, but one thing for sure is, they always come through. You will have to patiently wait for manual credits to be issued. Gdluck )