Offers no longer crediting

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12-09-2008 18:01:28

Dear Alan,

I no longer have a credit card no more to complete an offer and I decided to ask my cousin to lend me his credit card so I can complete an offer.I did that but the Trainn has not credit me.That credit was to come from the book of the month club but never showed up.I contacted customer service at book of the month club and they told me they have contacted Trainn.Will you please check on that. Alan Im trully exited of completing this offer so I can keep reffering people about how great this company really is.I paid for the offer and they checked it and said everything was all good.

When I signed up for the offer I made sure to click on the link Trainn directed me to do it.

My cousin wanted me to sign up using his email address so the book of the month club can send him the confirmation email and so they can send him his receive of how much it was spend of his credit card.

His email= address I use was address I use was

My Trainn 360elite link is


Alan can you please look into it.

I assure you we wont trying to break Trainn terms of conditions

He just lowned me his credit card because I don't have one and he was trying to help.

Thank you Alan and Hope to hear from you soon