3 reds, that is just dandy

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Odoyale rules

06-09-2008 22:08:07

Well, coming on my first cashout for trainn I ended up with 3 reds! Wow, take a look!


I don't know what to say. I am lost for words. I will try to get the 75 bucks I paid back but we will see... hey trainn alan, can you see if they signed up anywhere else? I don't want anyone else having the same problems


07-09-2008 02:51:21

You should try to pay on approval. I know it's super hard to get refs for TRAINN (sucks when they go red!) but TRAINN sites are the most commonly scammed ones, so you have to try to protect yourself.

Odoyale rules

07-09-2008 09:45:08

Thanks for the advice Jenny. I just submitted claims for all those payments. I hope they work out fine