please help- i think ipod never shipped!

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04-09-2008 21:31:38

I completed two sites first, flashipods4free and then afterwards yourfreevideoipods. The ipod for flashipods4free came but the ipod for yourfreevideoipods never came. I asked trainn for tracking number and they gave me the tracking number for the flashipods4free b/c it said delivered on the date i received the ipod from flashipods4free. And i needed the tracking number for yourfreevideoipods. I think maybe they by accident didn't order the ipod. please answer my ticket asap. I should have received the ipod already and i need the ipod now b/c its for my sister and she is going away for a year next tuesday. Please help!
my order number for yourfreevideoipods is 442347
and my email= address for my account is address for my account is
Thank You!


05-09-2008 11:19:27

Additional information will be provided to you in the support ticket regarding this matter as specific account issues should be handled using either of the support areas on our site.



05-09-2008 15:08:01

Why don't you give her the iPod that you received already?