Alan Refferals only showing 2 when I reffer 4

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03-09-2008 23:24:46

Alan I had to people sign in with my refferal link and and at one point the blue bar showed 30% and now it only shows 20%.I have four refferals that have a check mark next to their name and but the bar only shows 20% can you please look into it.

My refefferal number is 5257581 and this is for the 360elite4free website thank you Alan and I hope to hear from your great help again

Thank you


04-09-2008 11:22:18

The status is fine. In short, the change is due to having not completed an offer yet and the way your status % is calculated based solely on referrals.

When you complete (or receive credit for) an offer, the status will jump back up about 20%