To Alan: Issue with an Extreme Delay

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31-08-2008 23:57:48

Hi Alan, for a long while now I have been requesting support via support ticket, getting a reply only after waiting two weeks. On July 22nd, I placed an order at for $375, order number is 441603, and requested that I have the money sent to, my paypal e-mail address, not, the e-mail address I used to sign up with yourps34free. Around the 2nd week of August, the status on the order changes into “ATTN REQUIRED –Please contact” and I receive an e-mail a few day later
Thank you for contacting us!

I sincerely apologize for the delay in our responding to your email.

Your order is on a temporary hold as you did not provide us with
a Verified PayPal email address. For account security, we do not
provide payments to unverified accounts. In order to issue payment
via PayPal, we do need you to provide us with your verified account,
or notify us once your account has been verified. If you are unable
to verify your account, you may also receive payment via check.

Please let us know which method you would prefer and payment
will be disbursed during our next fulfillment period.

Account Services
Transcendent Innovations, Inc.

Now, the thing is, the paypal e-mail address I provided IS verified. Here’s proof
http//[" alt=""/img1904f58376]
Now do you guys have a separate definition of “Verified”? I would like to know and get this issue resolved very soon. I replied to this e-mail 7 days ago and have yet to receive a reply. Please help me get this figured out. Thanks, Alan!


01-09-2008 17:33:49

We are still answering emails from Friday so that's why you haven't received a reply, but, those are what are being as I type this so you will be hearing back shortly.