Alan Would You Help Me One More Time

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30-08-2008 18:40:15

Dear Alan I just found out you are the owner and now I feel more secure to talk to you.If you remember me I asked you when would the next fulfillment period will be and you told me that it was on Saturday and wendays. You also told me trainn was sending me the money today saturday.I send you an email with my paypal account but today I received an email from paypal that my account was not verified yet.Im wondering if you guys send me the money and if you did? I apoligize if it did not go through.Again my mistake truly sorry.I was told from paypal that I would get verified within 3 days.Do you think maybe I could make the next fulfillment period?

Alan also I have a 360elite4free account with you guys but I use an email that its not to paypal account can I fix this? I'm having a party tommorow and I will be telling many of my freinds about trainn and possibly completing the rest of my refferals for 360elite4free I only have 2 so far.

would you please check if I could make the next fulfillment period for my nintendowii4free account.

My email= adress is adress is and my order number is 442284