(For Trainn-Alan) Have a question about register the offers.

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29-08-2008 14:22:40

Please take a look at the following example

I clicked on an offer, enter my personal information on the first page, then enter the credit card information on the second page, then click on "process payment". It ended up saying payment declined, so i wasn't able to complete the offer.
The next day, i click on the SAME offer again, with the same personal information, except i used another credit card, this time it was approved, and i get credit for completing this offer.

My question is, does the example above considered as registering the SAME OFFER MORE than once, and will VOID the terms of Condition? or it will be fine?

Thanks for your time!


29-08-2008 14:46:40

If your card was declined the first time, then you never completed the offer. So the do-over should not be considered a duplication.