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27-08-2008 12:32:07

my email= address that my account is under is address that my account is under is and my order number is 441969
I have received a response from you guys stating why I haven't received my ps3
"I have checked on your order and see your system was returned to us as being undeliverable.

This can happen for two reasons, an invalid or incorrect address was provided or that they were unable to deliver the package to someone at that address after 3 attempts.

We will be glad to re-send your bundle to you right away, but, before doing so, please confirm that the address on your order is valid and a location where delivery can be made.
Please let us know and as soon as we hear back from you, your order will be re-sent right away."

I have confirmed it in the support ticket but you guys take two days to answer so I want to confirm with you here. Can you answer to the support ticket now? Can you send out the ps3 and ship it out with the fastest shipping and delivery time (overnight) since I waited long enough. I also requested the carrier and the tracking number in my ticket. please reply to the ticket today and resend the ps3 asap b/c I've waited so long already.