Any luck in having new offers for Canadians?

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26-08-2008 11:23:26

Hi there,

Can you please let us know if there is any way you can add new offers available to Canadians in section A offers? The ones you have are pretty old ones. Or is it any way we can have shifted some offers from B section into A section? The only new offers I saw added, have been added to section B and if we attempt to do them we won't be able to do more then one site.
It would be nice for us, Canadians, to have enough offers to trade as green for green or green for cash.



28-08-2008 09:14:01

will bump this up, as I would like an answer to this


28-08-2008 11:25:48

Free bump. )


09-09-2008 09:34:00

Bump....Still in wait for an answer


10-09-2008 21:26:25

friendly bump too ;)


17-09-2008 18:01:19

Can we please be let know when new offers available to Canadians will be added?


16-11-2008 02:20:59

Yes, offers to Canada would be nice....

Also, not meaning to hijack the post, but any other Canadians out there having trouble with these offers

Amazing Web Stores
eAuction Tutor
Forex Global Trading
Google SEO Supervisor
Increase My Margin
...and basically any of the ones that send you digital information for $2.95.

It looks like they're availible to Canadians, since they have Canada and its provinces listed in the fill out form.

I know that they're all run under the same company, so that doing one disqualifies you for the rest of them (is there a time period for this btw, or has that changed? Like waiting 6 months before being eligible for another site?) ...I'm finding that everytime I've tried one of these sites they always reject my credit card. Every one of them. I thought it might've been because I completed one of their offers a couple years ago (LONG time ago), but then my boyfriend had the exact same problem with two of the offers and he's a complete newbie to the freebie scene.

So I'm not sure what's going on there and I have to admit it's pretty frustrating... I'm wondering if anybody else in Canada has the same problem?


16-11-2008 08:53:47

I don't know how it works in Canada, but anything by Pacific Web Works, a.k.a. eAuction Tutors, Google SEO, Increase My Margin and several others usually have the best credit rate IMO. So if you're having problems with them, there's something that should probably be looked into.


16-11-2008 10:08:20

Well... when stamps offer used to be around, it was electronic billing like a dollar, and virtual info was sent, and that offer never credited for me. IO tried it and it didn't credit over a few month waiting time. People always say its a great crediting offer, but I think otherwise.


16-11-2008 10:34:12

Stamps = Booooo.

I don't think we're allowed to speak of which offers credit and which ones don't though, so I"m going to cut my two cents out here.


17-11-2008 02:24:15

Well it's not really a question about the credit, but more so why it won't accept my credit card even? (as well as my boyfriend's card, who is supposed to be new to these offers). I did do an offer by them years ago, and it went through just fine.