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Odoyale rules

25-08-2008 20:18:31

I was just wondering... When I signed up, after I completed the sign up, it sent me to a new page. And they were adds. So I exited out of them. I have not gotten any confirmation or charges yet... did I do anything wrong? Will it credit?


25-08-2008 21:05:16

The eMusic confirmation email takes about 12 hours to receive from the time the sign-up occurs.

If you haven't received after 12 hours, I'd recommend contacting their customer service department to see if they see your account.


Odoyale rules

26-08-2008 17:39:19

Ok, I didn't get the email about confirmation, HOWEVER I got charged, and I have an account now. Thanks for the quick response Alan. I just hope it credits... how long should it take?


28-08-2008 07:07:05

I completed that offer back in March. If I remember correctly, it credited within 3-4 days.

Odoyale rules

28-08-2008 16:49:18

Ok, because this is the 3rd day, and still no credit. I have my account, and I have been charged. So it could take 4 days huh? I just hope so...


27-03-2009 17:44:33

hi i just wanted to know if u ever did get credit for doing the eMusic offer? the thread kinda just stopped without any response.