How are the iPod Touch usually shipped? Like what service?

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23-08-2008 00:36:42

Just wondering if anyone knew what delivery service ships the ipods out. I kinda thought mine would have come this week, but it didnt. Trying to figure out if I might see if tomorrow (Sat) or if Im going to be waiting into next week.


24-08-2008 15:05:36

In the U.S. most are sent via UPS, however, depending on the delivery address, it may also come via DHL or FedEx.

In Canada, they are sent via Canada Post.



24-08-2008 19:02:07

Thank you Alan. I figured that they probably came via one of these carriers. From everything that I have seen, shipping times are usually 3-5 days? If this is the case, I was wondering If you might be able to get a tracking number sent to me?


24-08-2008 19:12:24

I did just want to add that I have contacted trainn through the site, but I can't seem to get a response.