PS3 still didn't arrive and trainn can't evengivemetracking#

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21-08-2008 09:20:24

My ps3 shipped on august 11th and I still never received it. My order number is 441969
please give me tracking number and carrier in my support ticket. my account email= is is
I tried asking for the tracking number and trainn couldn't even give me that. I heard of someone else getting his ps3 lost in shipment and trainn had to send him another one. I need answer asap b/c eventually the 80gb mgs bundle will be out of stock.


21-08-2008 15:57:57

The information wasn't provided as you opened the ticket right after the status was changed and one wasn't added to the site yet.

I see that you've since re-opened the ticket so we will be providing you with additional information via that ticket shortly.



21-08-2008 15:59:23

thanks alan