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07-08-2008 19:07:35

Hey man, I have a quick question. If I signed up for a trainn site a while back and did not do anything with it (no offer, or refs), can I sign up again? Or is that not allowed. I have heard from many people that you can.


07-08-2008 20:15:14

Yes, I have asked trainn this question via support ticket. you can sign up again referred, and green, as long as your other account you leave inactive, and as long as it is not greened. If your green, you cant create another one and green again, or you'll be saying bye bye to trainn for good!

Odoyale rules

07-08-2008 21:02:37

Ok, thanks for the info. Let's just say that you have a ref under your account though. One that has not gone green or done any good for you. Can you still make another account (assuming that you are not green on that account)?


Odoyale rules

07-08-2008 21:09:54

Oh, and 1 more thing. If you are unrefereed, and you want to give someone else a ref, but don't want to lost your account, are you allowed to move it?


07-08-2008 21:22:16

Just make a new one, I don't think they transfer accounts. Ask them though! About the first question, I'm not sure if you have referred users that haven't greened, again, wait for them to response, or ask them via support ticket, I didn't come across having signed up refs like you.

Odoyale rules

07-08-2008 21:26:45

Yea, ok thanks! We will see when Alan is online for some verification.


08-08-2008 18:27:45

ilikegreens is correct, as long as the account hasn't been pursued, you can abandon it and create a new one (with a new email address) without penalty.


Odoyale rules

08-08-2008 21:09:45

Ok, so if I have a single yellow on it, I can't make a new account, correct? Thanks for your response!