O yea!!!! Trainn comes through once again! $250 flatscreens!

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=76782


06-08-2008 18:24:45

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$250 received this morning on wednesday from Yourfreeflatscreens, should be getting another one soon )


06-08-2008 18:28:07

htf are you finding all these refs?!?

congrats though man, all the power to you.



06-08-2008 22:27:03

wow.. just wow.. CONGRATS


07-08-2008 07:11:56

http//dl2.glitter-graphics.net/pub/156/156882g82qpu0ale.gif[" alt=""/imgcfadbfbb30][=http//www.glitter-graphics.com][img="cfadbfbb30]http//dl2.glitter-graphics.net/pub/156/156882g82qpu0ale.gif[" alt=""/imgcfadbfbb30][/url]


07-08-2008 07:17:59

[quote993b7e61d4="TravMan162"]htf are you finding all these refs?!?

congrats though man, all the power to you.


Im Magic! dance

I know people ;) LOL

Have 5/6 on giftcards, just started that one 5 days ago!


07-08-2008 13:29:36

you must be threatening them with a knife.

good plan.

do you prefer something small and subtle? or do you go for the larger more medieval looking fear approach?


07-08-2008 13:37:50

I bring a samurai sword(probably spelled that wrong) and say, green for me, or I will go jet li / kill bill on your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


07-08-2008 13:45:17

jet li is a girl. you can tell him i said that too.

hey what do him and brett favre have in common?

they both retire and then come back two months later.


07-08-2008 14:03:41

Jackie chan is kinds cool how he in his movies uses random things to hurt people.

P.s, your just jealous that you can't threaten somebody correctly to get a green )


07-08-2008 14:27:33

Jet Li didn't retire. He just decided to not make any more martial arts epics.


09-08-2008 20:27:49

hes been in a few recently, I think!

Odoyale rules

09-08-2008 20:50:40

Like the Mummy, which definitely sucked. Well, congrats ilikegreens!!!


09-08-2008 21:02:03

yea, He just stared in the mummy as the emporer, that movie would be good(series) would be good, if they didn't make it into kind of like a comedy. When most people would be terrified he jokes around during the movie, ind of dumb! Anyways, thanks odoyale!

Odoyale rules

10-08-2008 10:16:01

Yea his jokes suck completely. I had to laugh at how incredibly cheesy they were.


10-08-2008 10:41:37

if you like incredibly cheesy jokes that you need to laugh at for their sheer stupidity, plz check out Jason Statham's latest masterpiece, "In the Name of the King A Dungeon Siege Tale."

$5 paypal if you can make it through the whole movie.

Odoyale rules

10-08-2008 21:03:38

Hahaha, I dunno if I want to try


12-08-2008 07:33:44

What? Make it through the movie without laughing? LOL... I love his action movies. Jason stratham in transporter I think is what started his career up, and it definately helped.


19-08-2008 07:12:57

Congrats on completing another site!