thanks trainn for the ps3

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20-07-2008 07:33:17

hey thanks for the fast delivery of my ps3 and gta game!!! you guy s are the best.


20-07-2008 08:01:12

nice work d00d.

make sure you buy rock band. i don't play video games, but i got sucked into playing rock band last night and it was the greatest thing since sliced french toast


20-07-2008 19:36:08

yeah my kids want the game bad-i got gta4 w/ it(bundled) and the wife is not to happy- i told her it was the only one i could get-lol


19-08-2008 07:16:38

How long did it take from when they said it shipped to the day you received it? I received an e-mail on 07.30.08 saying my PS3 was shipped, but I still haven't received anything. As of last Friday. 08.15.08, they are supposed to be looking into it.