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18-07-2008 09:17:23


On July 7th I received confirmation that my order was received for a Nintendo Wii at The estimated shipping date is July 21st. Can someone let me know if this is the correct date? I know Wii's are much harder to come by than most of the items Traiin offers thats why I ask. If its going to be much longer I was thinking about receiving the cash gift instead.

I sent a couple emails about this and have not seen a response as of yet.

Thanks for your help! )


18-07-2008 10:44:58

If they can get their hands on a wii then they will send it to you by then, maybe sooiner.

If not, they will notify you and let you choose something else if you wanted.


19-07-2008 12:07:30

THanks, do they usually tell you after the estimated shipping date has passed.


20-07-2008 07:26:34

i put my order in on the 17th of june w/ a shipping date of the 4th of july- but still nothing. they said expect 5-6 weeks(on back order)


23-07-2008 11:11:41

I asked about this a couple of days ago. My question was ignored so I'll assume that it is back ordered. I would prefer to receive the physical gift because I don't want to pay the sales tax since I'm going to have to report it on my taxes anyway. I cashed out instead. I don't want to wait. I know the local stores have the Wii in stock. Maybe I'll be able to find a coupon to off set the sales tax.