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23-06-2008 14:35:36


I just did a G4G trade on one of the Trainn sites. But my trading partner has vanished without going green on my site. In otherwords, he has left me hanging.

I am just wondering, is it possible I send a support ticket requesting that my credits on that particular traInn site be cleared (that is I should go red on his referral list) and transfered to another traInn site to make up for a green on the specific site?

Secondly, is it possible for my referrals to be transfered as well if any?

I will appreciate any answers. Thanks. Ady.


23-06-2008 19:46:14

Unfortunately no. TRAINN won't transfer credits or referrals. Your best option is to immediately contact TRAINN and request to have your referral removed from that person's account (so that they don't have your green anymore). Also, be sure to file a trader complaint so that this person doesn't rip off anyone else.


24-06-2008 08:37:54

Thanks for the clue Jenny. +karma for that. I just put in the request. I hope they act soonest... Some people are always ready to rip-off!


10-07-2008 22:34:53

Submitted my first approval on Sunday, still no response from Trainn. Today is the 5th day. Any reason? or does the 2-4day rule not apply on all your sites?

Alan please help.

Thanks in advance.