Hey, ALAN I need you HELP Please come in here, verifying ???

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17-06-2008 16:27:09

Hey trainn, I need an answer to this. I was told that I may have been giving false information(name and address) I am not, but that wont help. SO I was wondering, if I could send you a letter, or offer package I received in the mail, that has my Name , and my address on it. I just need your address, and Ill send that, then you can approve me, and we'll all be happy ) Please let me know if this works for you. I can always take a picture of the letter as well... whatever floats your boat. One thing I am kind of mad about, is how you find me suspicious, of offer fraud and false info when Ive done like 4 trainn sites before, and all went perfectly smooth. Please reply to this or pm about this issue. Thanks so much!


24-06-2008 15:18:09

Any One Home???


24-06-2008 15:48:55

TRAINN usually doesn't answer personal account questions in the forum, because they already have a support system in place. I suggest submitted a support ticket or email=ing email=contact@trainn.orgcontact@trainn.orging email=contact@trainn.orgcontact@trainn.org/email


27-06-2008 19:38:02

Alright, I got it resolved anyways, getting my $250 tomorrow. Also... that sig is funny. Sorry trav


28-06-2008 10:47:23

Glad to head you got it sorted. Did you get your cash this morning? Congrats!


29-06-2008 07:35:13

Yup, I got $250, saturday morning, sorry for the late response.