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09-06-2008 12:57:19

So today, apple announced the new iPhone 3G which is going to be release in two days (June 11). Im just wondering what will happen with the sites such as yourfreeistuff, because I am already at 2 refs, and myself completed...


09-06-2008 13:08:38

i am sure the iphone and istuff sites will be updated, maybe by the end of the day.



09-06-2008 13:09:34

Yeah I hope so...
The new 8G iPhone will be $199 and the 16G will be $299!

That kind of sucks too though, because now everyone will have one (


09-06-2008 19:24:59

Comes out JULY 11th
And it is $200 with a 3yr contract... LEARN TO READ!


09-06-2008 21:40:01

Actually, Ezekial, it's $199 with a [b7e74aeb3dd]2 year contract.
Check out http// at the bottom of the page

"Requires new 2-year AT&T rate plan, sold separately."

So, be a little more cautious when holding down that shift key as you type coarse words and you yourself post erroneous information.


10-06-2008 13:52:06

I wonder what this means for the number of referrals. Will each level drop in required referrals since the cost of the product is dropping 200 bucks? So it'll go from 8 and 10 down to what, 6 and 8?


11-06-2008 08:08:35

So far we don't know what the price will be for a 'contract-less' iPhone, though it'll probably be higher than the $200/$300 options. That will probably determine the referral counts for the new 3G's.


11-06-2008 13:44:06

The new iPhones will be added to the site, but, we'll still waiting for additional information to become available so that we can figure out all of the logistics.