question about approval.

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20-05-2008 15:35:08

I just submitted for approval on flashipods on monday. any chance I can have my item approved and shipped to me by tuesday/wednesday next week?


20-05-2008 17:22:38

Approved yes, and shipped probably


20-05-2008 17:33:39

cool, thanks. any more confirmation would be great. +karma for you


20-05-2008 18:22:38

i sent my ipod touch site for approval yesterday also.

if they hold true on the 2-4 days (not sure what it currently is), and then ship it out right away (2nd day air), you may have it by tuesday-wednesday of next week. because so many people go for the paypal, it's tough to find actual item timelines.



20-05-2008 18:29:46

yes, i was told 2-4 days. so i guess we can hope as soon as possible


20-05-2008 19:38:18

it takes MOST of the people, including myself, the full 4 days. I have only ordered paypal and a virtual amazon gift card. All of which were received next day.


21-05-2008 02:24:13

monday is memorial day, so i think we're both going to be looking at wednesday/thursday instead of tuesday/wednesday.



22-05-2008 15:47:44

dray, anything yet?


22-05-2008 17:28:44


but over at a4f, a guy who submitted his account on saturday had his account approved yesterday

(1) sunday
(2) monday
(3) tuesday
(4) wednesday

because we both sent out accounts in monday, we probably won't see anything until friday evening.



22-05-2008 18:12:03

okay, cool thanks for informing me. will I possibly receive it by thursday next week? i want to put music on it to listen to during finals


23-05-2008 18:13:43

dray, anything as of yet?

update Just now I got approved!! SWEET my first iPod

wait if I ask for paypal, will I get it tommorow? then I would just go buy it.


23-05-2008 18:38:06

i just got approved too.

if you ask for paypal, you should receive it tomorow.



23-05-2008 18:41:13

awesome I would just go buy one. how much are cases? and around what time do they send out payments? in special notes do I put my paypal email?