hello i need help Alan , been more than a month

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07-05-2008 17:50:07

hey , been more than a month and i still didnt receive my giftcards, can you just give me a paypal payment instead

my account email= is email=military_riddim@hotmail.commilitary_riddim@hotmail.com is email=military_riddim@hotmail.commilitary_riddim@hotmail.com/email

and my paypal is email==stradiva@videotron.castradiva@videotron.ca=stradiva@videotron.castradiva@videotron.ca/email

you guys take like 1week to awnser to a ticket support so, im taking a chance on the forum



07-05-2008 19:01:29

It doesn't take a week to have your ticket responded to. The tickets that are being answered now are the final few from Monday though so your ticket from yesterday will be checked out and replied to shortly.