Over a month waiting..Trainn doesnt respond to emails????

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14-04-2008 14:24:09

OK Lets see if I can explain this without confusion.1st timer for Freebie sites so any help or suggestions(reassurances) is appreciated.Alrighty now,I signed up @ps34free and got credit for my offer on2/23,got my needed REFS green. on 3/7 and submitted my account for approval.Got approved on 3/13 order status went to Received and Est.ship date was 3/27.Since 3/13 NOTHING has changed anywhere on my acct,so on 4/1 I emailed them asking for any info or update.On 4/2 I Received the"We're looking it over,get back to ya in 2+ days"auto response.Since then nothing,the contact page makes a point that duplicate submissions will be discarded so its pointless to retry.So I looked around for any info and came across this site,most of you seem to know what your talkin about...So what to do now.Any help is welcome,since my wife got me a few Blu rays and ps3 games for my Bday last week Im kinda lookin forward to this thing showin up.THANKS Ben


14-04-2008 14:32:54

check out the two posts below yours.

shipping is experiencing delays lately.


14-04-2008 18:05:53

Much Appreciated,I just figured that each site dealt with CS issues independently,Again THANKS Ben.


14-04-2008 18:23:09

We respond to each and every email and support ticket.

If you use Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail, check your Spam / Bulk / Junk email folder as some will be erroneously sorted which, for those who don't check them, makes it look like you didn't receive a reply, when it was answered.

To ensure that doesn't happen, as the contact page states, please add contact @ trainn.org to your whitelist or approved senders list.

Alternatively, you may also submit a support ticket which displays our reply to your inquiry right on the site. The support ticket section can be reached by visiting the My Account page and selecting the "Support Ticket" option.

To answer your question though, the 80gb Playstation 3 is back-ordered as the system is in very low supply since Sony is preparing to relaunch the system in a new bundle in June.

80gb PS3 orders are being shipped as we obtain the systems, but, because of the limited supply, it is taking longer then usual for us to do so.

[quotea7cd157d99="TravMan162"]check out the two posts below yours.

shipping is experiencing delays lately.[/quotea7cd157d99]

That only applies to back-ordered items for obvious reasons. Everything else typically ships 1-2 business days of the order being placed. Some items even ship the same day.