Canadian offers and shipping

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13-04-2008 13:11:46


I'm a bit of a newb, so please don't mind my stupid questions.

I'm in Canada. Does that limit me as to what offers (is there a list of Canada friendly offers?) and rewards I'm eligible for? Would there be shipping problems?



13-04-2008 15:00:50

It seems to vary by offer. Many sites have two of what seem to be the same offer, but one of the titles has a (CA) next to it. That means that that one is for you hockey lovers.

Some offers are universal though, and alternately, some do not allow out of the US at all.

What you are going to have to do is, before doing an offer, go through the terms and conditions and when you're writing down the important information, also see if there is a term that denies foreign countries.

Each one is different.

Some don't like universal free health care D

Hope that helped D D D


13-04-2008 18:34:06


Any recommended offers for a 1st timer from Canada?


13-04-2008 18:42:02

Well that's all on you and what you're interested in. I personally really liked my Cafe Belmondo and BMG subscriptions, but didn't like my EAuction Tutors and things like that. I can't really tell you which ones to do, as your interests are different than mine, but check them all out and see which ones offer to canadian residents and then pick the ones you're interested in from there.


14-04-2008 18:29:29

Nearly all rewards can be received by Canadian users. The only limitation is iPhones (since they're not sold in Canada) and some flat screen monitors.



16-04-2008 19:54:02

Any idea if the various children's book club offers are open to Canadians? Those look pretty interesting.