Still not received my ipod!

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04-04-2008 11:22:50

Shipped on the 27th, live in Canada. Opened a support ticket 5 days back for tracking number still no reply!! ( And still no ipod touch! cry


04-04-2008 12:42:47

Canada delivery time is longer then the US. The delivery time in Canada is 5-10 business days depending on your proximity to the location where the item is shipped from.



04-04-2008 16:56:26

Thanks for the quick reply. Appreciate it! But support ticket still not answered.


04-04-2008 17:30:08

common scene??
And TraInn has been backed up for the past week ;)


04-04-2008 17:42:31

Oh alright, Thanks. ) Can't wait to receive and prove everyone wrong in my family that this is legit, p.s when it will arrive I will be most likely at my school and since I live in a condo, I told the security to collect all my items since there is a high chance I wouldn't be available and to collect the item I have to sign it at the reception. Will that be a problem?


04-04-2008 19:04:39

ask the mail man. I don't know how the mounties are.