What's the deal with getting credits????

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04-04-2008 07:22:27

I signed up and did my initial offer of Stamps.com. That was 3 days ago and I STILL have not seen credit. Contacted Trainn and have heard nothing.

Just for good measure, I also signed up for a trial to FreeCreditReport as I wanted to see how trashed my credit really is, AND to see if I did something wrong the first time with Stamps. Again, I am yet to see a credit in my account. All it says in my "Click History" is that they are all "Pending". What the hell??? I thought these credits were supposed to be ""Instant" or even "Same Day"?

It is really getting hard for me to get fired up about wanting to refer people when the work I do to sign MYSELF up is resulting in nothing.

Anyone got any insight as to why I am possibly experiencing these problems?

sandra habina

07-04-2008 05:04:27

Make sure you are using IE or FIREFOX - delete cookies first.
Spyware and anti-spam can hinder the process of credits, and firewalls should be turned off. Also turn your popup blocker off. Make sure you wait on the offers' landing (thankyou) page for 5 minutes to allow all codes to load. Your computer should be set to accept all cookies.

Hope this helps you. There are some good posts in the HELP section by Margot530, Big War Bird and Trav Man that may help you more. )


07-04-2008 07:39:03

I am using FireFox, I did clear my cookies before I did the offers, and I still see that my offers are at the "pending" mark.

If all these steps need to be taken to ensure that you get credit, why are these instructions not listed on the site???

Sure seems like a load of crap to me that you would have to do all these special browser settings to partake of these offers.

I would really like to get some answers from Alan.


07-04-2008 13:39:59

he'll give you the same answers you can read in the threads sandra suggested.

It's just the way it is. There's nothing Alan can do about it.


07-04-2008 14:06:17

You are kidding me right? Alan introduced himself in the top Sticky as the CEO! That's like saying that Donald Trump can only do so much at a Trump Tower location. He runs the bloody show!!!!

This whole thing runs like it was put together by some teens in their basement! The lack of professionality in this is astounding. Why one EARTH did I need to go randomly searching to find a forum to get answers? Why couldn't I just get them from the company that boasts a 2 day turn around?

These Trainn guys need to get there shlit together. This may be acceptable for the kids out there that are just happy to be getting high-end toys for free, but for people like me who are regulars in the business world, and expect a high end company to act high end... this is preposterous. x


07-04-2008 14:07:29

you must be a super high end executive if you're doing freebies. roll


07-04-2008 14:18:50

No high end executive here, just someone who knows about customer service and can spot the lack of it. Yeah, it's a freebie, but I am still a customer and expected to be treated as such.

Thanks for the zing though. Certainly speaks to your level of business savvy. lol


07-04-2008 14:39:22

jesus dude, you haven't even been here a week and have posted a grand total of 5 times. simmer down.

keep it up and you won't be here much longer.



07-04-2008 15:28:51

Number of posts 5

Number of posts spent bitching about Alan 5

Number of posts spent bitching about me 1

He spends 120% of his posting time bitching D


07-04-2008 16:04:56

ahah Very true!


11-04-2008 20:16:22

My last three referrals haven't received credit yet. I haven't done a trainn site for a year. Did they get harder? I didn't have any problems crediting.


12-04-2008 18:47:20

This was asked in the previous topic, look around 1st P
[quote7522cd1b5c="Trainn-Alan"][quote7522cd1b5c="Ezekial"]I believe crediting is automated, and is added when the company reports it )[/quote7522cd1b5c]

It is. Accounts are credited automatically as a sign-up reports back to us so, if an account doesn't receive credit for a sign-up during the usual reporting time, that indicates the advertiser has not reported the sign-up to us.


sandra habina

13-04-2008 00:22:15

Yes it appears that the offers are crediting slower for some reason.

I have a friend who has a couple of trainn sites and even though the offers say instant or credits within 1 day - sit down and wait awhile.
But this is happening all over also.

I am sure the offers were credited thru automated channels before also but it was much faster 6 months ago than it is now. (


14-04-2008 11:55:57

I had 2 fast referrals go green within a hour! What is the problem. There is none. All depends on the advertising company.

Alan - if your hiring, I can help!!!

Travman you post too much! -Add a tally to bitch about me.


14-04-2008 14:04:25

[quotefc3e1248bd="tucker1003"]Travman you post too much! -Add a tally to bitch about me.[/quotefc3e1248bd]

lol lol lol


14-04-2008 15:25:50

My last referral went green in under an hour so yeah it must not be anything new, just bad luck.


15-04-2008 20:01:30

still getting plenty of referrals green on TRAINN sites.....not having as much luck on other sites though!!!


07-05-2008 15:56:05

I have just started doing the trainn sites but some of them I have credited almost immediately or with in one day and others I have had to put in MCR and I do them all the same. So I know it is just the offers. So I wait and try not to complain.


10-05-2008 04:55:41

I've had one trainn not credit me for an offer, but I figure even if you do everything right, sometimes you just don't get the credit.


10-05-2008 09:09:52

[quote30f252e6ff="Faith"]I've had one trainn not credit me for an offer, but I figure even if you do everything right, sometimes you just don't get the credit.[/quote30f252e6ff]

And that's when the MCR's come in handy.

Have you checked out my thread about crediting?

I pretty much nailed down a method that hasn't let me down since using it. I'll go find the link and edit this post with it D


24-06-2008 01:53:36

Used some important info here... some being executives, some bitching, some giving/sharing tips & clues.. that sure was fun... LOL

Hey Trav, please do post the link to your thread you mentioned. I will help somebody like me (so far, I have had just one problem getting credits). It is not always a lucky day even when you do everything right. At times, its even rather when you pay so much attention, trying to do everything right, you dont rather get credits... Anything can happen...


24-06-2008 03:28:47


step by step like halfway down the page.

karma not necessary lol


24-06-2008 08:33:54

Thanks for sharing... sure karma is necessary... u deserve it... just gave ya 1... Have a good morning -)


24-06-2008 16:48:51

I've been waiting for 4 offers to credit for about 8 days now. I did the point system on Trainn because I thought it would be faster than waiting for other DIY sites, but I'm getting a little worried now.