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29-03-2008 08:24:37

anybody else having a hard time getting trainn to credit now? Seems they arent what they used to be. Dont get me wrong i still like trainn but seems their crediting isnt what it should be. Im having alot of referrals complaining now.


29-03-2008 17:42:49

Did you clear your cookies? Remember, never do offers from companies that has many complaints when typing their company on google. That's what I always do. The bad offers have a bad time crediting, because the offer company PURPOSLY don't pay TRAINN the money.


29-03-2008 18:12:23

I don't have issue with credit but with verification. I submitted my account on 3/23. But as of new, it hasn't approved yet. (


29-03-2008 20:49:15

I believe crediting is automated, and is added when the company reports it )


31-03-2008 06:33:36

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I am new to this site and i just need some refferals!!

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31-03-2008 11:36:59

[quote95dfe36f97="Ezekial"]I believe crediting is automated, and is added when the company reports it )[/quote95dfe36f97]

It is. Accounts are credited automatically as a sign-up reports back to us so, if an account doesn't receive credit for a sign-up during the usual reporting time, that indicates the advertiser has not reported the sign-up to us.



31-03-2008 12:27:21


keep it up and you won't be here much longer


[quote040b28d726="taylert123"]help me get an iPod touch![/quote040b28d726]

sandra habina

02-04-2008 05:37:29

Taylert123 - he means remove your ref link in your post. They are not allowed. You can send your link in a PM to an interested trader but not post them on the forums.


02-04-2008 16:02:21

I have to agree with buggs...there are very few offers left at trainn, some there go to other offers, which needs to be fixed, and support tickets taking a week for an answer is really not up to the industry standard cry I hope they can improve SOON!!!


04-04-2008 15:25:26

taylert123, I've edited your reflinks and blog link. Please go read the rules that you were supposed to read before posting here.

Also, that blog of yours is a blatant walkthrough that violates the terms of just about every freebie site on the planet, and will likely result in your being DQ'd if discovered by freebie networks and site owners.


04-04-2008 16:00:18

Wow I was gonna say. [i5abb14ba18]The[/i5abb14ba18] admin kindly removed his links and warned him? Then I was like, "Oh, the dmorris admin." lol