Alan or Someone-Please, PLEASE Help!

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19-03-2008 14:18:46

Can someone from TraInn help me?! My Ipod Touch is showing as "Shipped", however, I have not received a tracking number. I am really looking forward to getting this item. I want to track my order. I emailed the support on the website and I haven't heard back from them. This was a few days ago. Thanks!


19-03-2008 15:41:18

Generally, it takes about a week to ship the iPod Touch's, but don't worry, as soon as they send it, you will receive a tracking number.

Hope I could help.


27-03-2008 19:38:23

No need for tracking number! There's no point anyways, it'll arrive at your doorstep within 4 days after being shipped. A support ticket takes 4 days to get a response, so when you get the number it's probably already arrived! Plus, you still have to wait the same time for it to be shipped without a tracking number and with a tracking number.


28-03-2008 10:44:19

It doesn't always come in under 4 days, depends on when you order, how sucky the mail is that week, where you live, etc.


28-03-2008 12:02:35

This issue has already been handled. The password issue was resolved last week and their iPod arrived on Monday.