Made site that tells you exactly how to get free stuff

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14-03-2008 21:51:05

the transcendent innovations sites are great. i have made a site that gives step by step instructions and links to their sites to get your free item the easiest way possible. i tell you which offers are the best to do and the numbers to cancel everything so you dont get charged (thats how they get you.) just go to my site and click the link to the item you want.

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14-03-2008 22:20:28


I should ban you. Really, I should. Why shouldn't I?

As you apparently are not aware, what you're doing is considered fraud in this business. You're only hurting the industry, and this sort of coaching will not be allowed here. If you continue to promote this sort of activity on this forum, you will be perma-banned. Not to mention that -- duh -- representatives from Trainn and other freebie sites hang out here. You're blatantly violating their TOS by doing this, so I would expect and hope to see you blacklisted on their networks.