Question about account review speed for iPhone

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02-03-2008 16:42:13

On Friday I submitted my YourFreeiPhone account for review so I can get my iPhone, and yes, I know it says 2-4 business days to get it cleared and all but I'm totally anxious and excited about getting one. If you've done the iPhone site, how long about did it take you to get everything OK'd? Are we talking 2 business days on average or more like the full 4?

I know I can just wait, but I'm too damn excited and I've already had to wait the weekend.

sandra habina

03-03-2008 07:18:54

Hi - it will probably take 4 days Twinkie - this is what I have encountered. But it says 2-4 days ( not business days). I always go for the paypal prize and Trainn pays out on Wed. and Saturday mornings. I have heard that their shipping is also very fast.

Hang in there - it will be worth the wait. )


03-03-2008 10:56:55

Good luck. I was quoted 14 days when I submitted my order. It has been sitting in received status for over 3 weeks now... I've submitted support cases, but received no response. Very frustrating!


03-03-2008 18:16:49

Which one is everyone going for, I have 8gig done as of tonight should I wait for 2 more to get the 16??? I want my Iphone, MY nokia is falling apart!!


04-03-2008 05:58:20

Well, by the time they fulfill my order the 32GB 3G iPhone w/ GPS will probably be selling for $399. So, I guess I'll get that one. Thursday will be the 4 week anniversary of my order going into 'Received' status.

BTW, I did not use referrals to earn my points. I did all of the offers myself, so I know they are all legitimate. I am really starting to wonder if this is a scam. The fact that they don't answer your support requests for a simple order status update is a little disconcerting. I know a lot of people here have had success in receiving Paypal cash and other items, but I have yet to hear from anyone who has actually received an iPhone from Transcendent Innovations.


04-03-2008 08:12:30

Interesting. Maybe I'll just take the cash and go buy myself an iPhone? Might be quicker from what I gather.


04-03-2008 14:38:24

Cash is always quicker. They send it electronically. And no this is not a scam. This is a big company that processes thousands of orders.


04-03-2008 21:34:20

Alrighty, I've been approved. Hooray!