umm... Alan, I need help!

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22-02-2008 18:08:21

I ordered $300 paypal last week. I was supposed to receive my payment on Wednesday, but my PayPal account was not verified. So I sent in the support ticket on Wednesday. Today, somehow one of my referrals got a red x mark and now I don't have enough referrals for the $300 paypal. Can I change my order since I don't have enough referrals for the $300? I can't cancel my order because it was already placed.

Man, I just got my PayPal account verified...


22-02-2008 20:21:52

As you already placed your order, the referrals account status change will not impact your order.



22-02-2008 21:14:27

wow this just proves trainn isn't out to get NO ONE. ;)


22-02-2008 23:21:00

Trainn is the best referral site for sure