No confirmation emails from offers

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18-02-2008 21:02:47

I have had a couple of offers that did not send me a confirmation email. Any suggestions on what to submit for a missing credit request. I received the products from the company. Just no email.


28-02-2008 08:10:15

You should be able to contact the offer company and ask them to send you a confirmation email/receipt for you records. I had to do that for the Chuck Mullaney offer. They sent me an email receipt, and Trainn issued me a Manual Credit based on that confirmation.


28-02-2008 11:58:57

spam box?


05-03-2008 13:19:14

Thanks for the help. I was able to get one company to send me an email and that is still in "received" status. the Yahoo one I finally got an answer back from TRAINN and they said to have the company Mail me a signed statement with the account info on it and then they would let me know how to proceed. Unfortunately, I no longer am a member of this offer so I am sure they would not be in any hurry to get this to me. Looks like I am doing another offer!!

Oh yeah....and I checked in my 7000+ spams and it was not in their either.


05-03-2008 20:09:39

I just did the 1st Club Save offer on Sunday (3/2) ........and guess what? No confirmation was sent and yes I checked my spam folder as well. Called the company and apparently they have NO WAY of sending me a confirmation email? They said I should have received an automated confirmation email or a phone call since I signed up online but I rceived neither! WTF....... Sure had no problems taken my money though!

Alan- any suggestions? I know the answer......... I'm SOL?

sandra habina

06-03-2008 20:30:24

I have a couple of refs having the same problems - where are the emails? Seems like the offers are taking longer also - is there an update why?

Alot of instant offers seemed to have been lost - are more coming?

Thanks for any info trainn.