Subited For Approval

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14-02-2008 18:58:10

I submitted this morning for approval on the Train Yourfreeiphone site does any one know if it will make it for Sats. cash out I so hope so .


14-02-2008 19:05:33

the review for account takes about 6 days not including sunday and then a few days after that it would take about, im guessing, 2 or 3 days!


14-02-2008 19:45:05

Payments are issued each and every Saturday and Wednesday.

Accounts are reviewed within 2-4 days of the account being submitted for review so if you just submitted your account for review this morning, it probably wont be reviewed before the next payment period, but, will definitely be reviewed before Wednesdays



14-02-2008 20:13:34

Thanks I was hoping lol D.