360elite site

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07-02-2008 19:22:04

hi i am having trouble getting into the site..i signed up under a trader..did all the sigining in things you have to do..said it was creating my account..i waited ..and then it puts me right back to the sign in page..i did it again..still having that problem..wont let me into site..is thre anythijng wrong wiht the signing in of the 360 elite site..i totaly stumped..i cant get there to do my offer or get my ref link..please if anyone knows what i can do please tell i will forever grateful..terry D


08-02-2008 14:05:20

It sounds like your cookie for the site is corrupted. Clearing your cookies and allowing a new one to be placed should resolve the issue.



18-02-2008 19:44:00

thank you train-alan..it worked ..im in the site..terry