Guys, C'mon Please Help Me. :(

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31-01-2008 14:04:28

Well, Train doesn't suck but I'm quite worried/not happy with them.

I've sent in my account for approval on the Saturday morning (1/26), and it hasn't been approved yet. Is this because I have 28 greens? It says it takes 2-4 days for approval, but as of this morning, it's been the fifth day. What's happening? What are the usual reasons for a retarded (not stupid, but slow) approval?

Also, when do you think my account will be approved?

NOTE I know trainn has looked at my account yesterday, the day i was expecting approval, because two of my refs went red at about 10 o' clock.


31-01-2008 19:06:36

Bump! No reply after five hours. And 20+ views, but no posts? Come on guys.


31-01-2008 20:05:22

Due to the circumstances surrounding your account, it took a day longer then usual review all of it, but your account has been reviewed.

Please feel free to contact us using the contact form on our site for additional information.


Getstuff4free Kyle

31-01-2008 20:16:11

That's odd. At this post - http// - you said they did approve your account.


31-01-2008 21:40:26

Ah, these threads are making my week complete. C'mon, pyro, come over to FreeLunchRoom and FreebieScout. "Collect all 4!" (by which I mean all 4 forum pwnages).

Actually, he might fit in ok at FLR.

Getstuff4free Kyle

31-01-2008 21:50:11

[quote424c01538d="JennyWren"]Ah, these threads are making my week complete.
Actually, he might fit in ok at FLR.[/quote424c01538d]

Nah. They won't understand how he can claim to be getting refs outside of the forums without paying and training them. If you even mention getting refs outside of the forums and without paying or training them, they look at you like you have a third head.

Unless it's changed since I've last been there.

My favorite was a guy who had a freebie web page that was well designed and had decent traffic, but he was using it to direct people to FLR so that he could pay them to sign up. lol


01-02-2008 06:10:48

I'm with Jenny in that this guy's posts on here and A4F have made my week much more exciting.


01-02-2008 21:44:27

How the hell do you have fucking 28 greens. I quit doing freebies because I couldn't get 3 greens!!


01-02-2008 22:29:48

there's this chick who just registered to a4f who has some popular ipod touch tutorials on youtube.

apparantly pyro (who is the most impatient eff-knob i've seen in a while) managed to get the girl to put up her referral link...thus the 28 completes.

we're not entirely sure if any of the videos were of the 'how to get X free' variety. this may be part of the reason for the delay in getting her account approved.

now it looks like the youtube gal is pissed at pyro and calling her a scammer on a4f because pyro didn't pay the youtube girl $250 for putting up her referral link.

at this point a lot of us are hoping pyro gets her trainn accounts DQd and eventually gets banned both on here and a4f.



03-02-2008 22:34:56

Oh, the drama! Who knew freebies could be so exciting. I did see on another forum someone looking for greens and he wanted to pay a small amount but then offers to put ref links on 2 of his youtube videos. What's all that about?