No support ticket answer and iPhone hasn't shipped

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18-01-2008 08:30:55

Hey guys,

Just wondering what I should do about this. I ordered my iPhone on Christmas, with an estimated shipping date of January 8th. The phone still hasn't shipped. I submitted a ticket about it on Monday and still haven't heard a response. I saw in another post that Alan said they've replied to all tickets through Monday, yet I still haven't gotten a response. Just wondering what I should do, I really want my phone.


18-01-2008 08:42:22

TRAINN has never been good at answering support tickets promptly (in my experience). But you can be rest assured that if they owe you a prize, you will get it. I have done almost all their sites and have always received my gift. But you are right, their customer service sucks... Especially compared to ZeroPricetags or GiftMonster...