Getting in touch with TRAIN

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17-01-2008 09:26:18

Has anyone had trouble getting touch with Transcendent Innovations?

I'm on their 360eliteforfree site.. I have sent in a few missing credit requests and opened a support ticket, and I haven't received a response.

The missing credit requests were sent in 15 days ago, so I've waited their 10 day waiting period but the status hasn't changed. I then sent in a ticket but haven't gotten a response back.

How long does it take them to get back to you? I'm a bit nervous, as I've spent alot of time accumulating these credits and don't want to miss out on my prize!

Please help.


17-01-2008 14:57:41

Missing credit requests can take 10 business days (2 full weeks) to resolve so a request sent 15 days ago should have been resolved by yesterday if the necessary information was submitted and the sign-up was approved .

We've answered all tickets through Monday so, if you sent it since then, you can expect a reply shortly with an update. If it was before that, check your account for the reply.

If you sent it through email before that though and didn't see the reply in your inbox, please check your Spam / Bulk / Junk folder as some providers (particularly AOL & Hotmail) have issues at times sorting our email replies.



18-01-2008 07:56:29

ok, so its the 18th now, and the missing credit requests havent changed (i checked the site).

I saw the post where you a bit backed up with support tickets. Should I just wait for someone to answer the ticket or is there something else I can do?


06-02-2008 18:08:31

I am missing 4 credits from offers that were supposed to be instant or same business day. I submitted the request on Jan. 16 and still haven't heard back, they still just read received.

I saw on another Forum Alan suggested opening a support ticket, which I just did. I also sent two emails one last week and one on Monday and still haven't heard back on either one. Anyone have any other ideas or should I just wait for them to answer my support ticket?


06-02-2008 18:21:07

trainn is the best network but the worst on crediting

their crediting seems very random

I'm waiting for approval and it's been a looooong 2 days! lol