I'm new to Trainn Sites....Referral question

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16-01-2008 08:14:35

Hey guys. I used to be big into the freebie sites about a year ago and completed quite a few of those as well as many DIY sites so i'm pretty familiar to the old ways. I worked a lot with Freepay's customer service when i lived in the dorms as i advertised around campus with a facebook link and flyers. Every so often someone from my dorm (different floor, i.p. and whatever else) may have signed on and i wanted to make sure this didn't look fraudulent.

I meet someone in class who coincidentally lives in the same apt. complex as me. I was going to send him a link over facebook but was afraid our address may throw a red flag. He lives in the same apt. complex but has entirely different information including the APT. number.

Would you guys advise me to forget about him as a referral? Anyone have past experience with trainn and this situation?



16-01-2008 08:34:41

As long as he has a differnt ip it should be no problem he will be verified any way .


16-01-2008 09:50:56

Alright, good to hear. I figured the IP and all would HAVE to be different but wasn't sure with the fact we share the similiar addresses.


9876 West Chester APT 102B


9876 West Chester APT 103G

Apts' ook similiar but are actually quite far away. Thanks for the help nbonsu26

Anyone else any insight?


04-02-2008 13:37:52

I'd assume you would be fine

The IPs would be different...even if they are in the same range. For example, if you both have comcast provided by your apartment complex you will still have different IPs. They may be lisimilarli...but they'll be unique. For example yours might be (random numbers) and his might be Same range, different IP...unique identifier.

Now if you guys share the lisameli connection (and thus, IP) as is common amongst neighbors in apartment complexes (splitting the cost of internet) you can't do it. Your IPs will be identical.

Different address, different IP...different person. I don't see why you need to worry.