Still Waiting...

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12-01-2008 08:17:25

I have been waiting for a month + now to receive a DDR Bundle, and I have a friend whose been waiting for Guitar Hero 2 for 2 months now. I have already had my bundle reshipped, and I'm not sure where my friend stands on that one. I have waited at least 10 business days for each shipment, yet I still have nothing. What can be done?


18-01-2008 15:33:33

Apparently, they never shipped either of my orders because they didn't have the game I wanted.


18-01-2008 20:12:14

If your order status says it was shipped, it was shipped.

Since it has been more then 10 days though, please contact us and we will be able to look into the status of it and provide you with additional information.



19-01-2008 06:58:21

My order status has said it was shipped since 12/10/07, yet here I am almost a month after that, and my FIRST game, which is the Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 Bundle, is being shipped. Before, I had been told TWICE that the DDR Universe 1 Bundle had been shipped, when in fact, the item had been back-ordered. This was the same case for my friend, and honestly, couldn't anybody have just told us that our items would never get there because Amazon didn't have them? We were told that they were reshipped, when there was no shipment for either in the first place.