What is the current wait for support tickets?

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10-01-2008 08:23:17

I have been waiting 5 days now...I know you guys are busy. For wanted to make sure there was no problems. Thanks

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10-01-2008 20:04:03

Unfortunately, we did get backed up with them over the last week to ten days, but, we're making our way through them and the few that are still open from the 5th are now being answered. We should be caught up and back to normal response times within the next day or two.



10-01-2008 20:10:50

thanks alan i was wondering the same thing D


10-01-2008 22:01:06

Thanks...please lock.


13-01-2008 17:48:30

Is TRAINN all caught up at this time? The reason I ask is that I submitted a MCR on 1/3/08, but am waiting a status update, and also submitted a customer support ticket to find out the status a week later. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


14-01-2008 11:49:03

MCRs take 10 biz days, or about 14 calendar days. If you submitted on 1/3, your 10th biz day would be 1/17. Don't panic yet D


17-01-2008 19:50:16

Hey TRAINN, I'm waiting on support tickets as well. Do you guys need help?? I run a store in which I'll be spending my dead time doing trades. If I can make myself useful, I'd be glad to help!!