Ive been gone for awhile

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05-01-2008 07:18:55

Have not been on a few months so just wondering something, 1st off on 360game how are the offers Chuck Mullaney Teaches Ebay and Yahoo Success Center, just making sure both are new, dont have weird charges and can complete them both at same time cause they look kind of the same, also Guitar Hero 3, how is the shipping for it.


07-01-2008 14:50:42

They are both offers from Pacific Webworks (eAuction, Quickbooks, Increase My Margin). All their offers are very legit and their customer service is the best. I think they have the best offers on Trainn right now. No need to worry about any shady practices from them. You won't however be able to do more than one offer from PW at the same time, though. They will only allow you to do one offer at a time, you will get a multiple transaction error when it tries to process your CC otherwise.

Also, I think Yahoo Success has been taken off for the moment, though.