Innovative Merchant Solutions offer

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26-12-2007 18:00:19

I am looking at this offer for the site

I have been looking at these services for a small business I am setting up in a month (to help a friend with various product sales and eBay auctions).

What does the offer require? Details I'm looking for are

- do you need to already have a business bank account setup?
- do you need to have a credit card transaction?

I've looked on their site for any sort of T&C, but am finding nothing.

It's a company that's owned by Intuit (the Quicken and QuickBooks people) and I can see a list of services offers, one of which is to take credit cards for business transactions. But any details of the offer requirements are not found.

Can anyone link to me to something that explains the details?

If the service works, it will be a good thing. But if it doesn't fit what the business needs, then we'll have to look for another solution.