Have you recently received an ipod touch or xbox 360 elite?

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11-12-2007 09:16:43

I don't want to know if you received paypal
I don't want to know if you received something from another trainn site
I don't want to know if you received a touch or 360 from another site

I specifically want to hear from you if you have received an [b2ff82a140c]iPod touch[/b2ff82a140c] or [b2ff82a140c]xbox 360 elite[/b2ff82a140c] from [b2ff82a140c]TRAINN[/b2ff82a140c]

Thank you very much.



22-12-2007 17:34:49

i have recieved an ipod touch from trainn


23-12-2007 20:34:39

I received an iPod Touch from Trainn. I did the flashipods4free.com site and I got the 16 gig version.


27-12-2007 22:51:11

No offense but what's the point of this thread? I mean, I don't think Trainn would send anyone a crappy item, it's new, wrapped and in a big box so I assume it works.....correct?