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01-12-2007 09:18:28

I'm getting a 160Gb video Ipod on So far I have 2 referral who have completed an offer and 15 reffered e-mail total. Problem is, I still didn't received the credits from my offer, why did 2 random people has them? They had their credits instantly while I've waited 11 days with and still nothing (I've cancelled today).

I've sent a Missing Credits Requests and it was received on november 26th... Still nothing.

I don't really understand that click history thing neither... If it says "Not Reported" does it mean that I didn't filled a missing credits request for that offer or does it means that people canceled and that I won't receive any credits from them?

I don't really mind being patient until everything gets processed but I'm starting to wonder if something went wrong and that I won't receive my Ipod. Trainn says that the credits from should be awarded within 2-3 days and it's been 11 days for me. It would be less weird if there weren't those 2 people who completed an offer with no problem and received the credits almost instantly.

Anyway, is this normal that I didn't received my offer's credit yet? How much longer will I have to wait?

Edit This morning, some other person registered on my referral and by now she's completed an offer... How did she do it so fast?... And now that I have 3 people is says that it's 15% completed but it was saying 25% when I had 2... I don't understand anymore ?


01-12-2007 23:04:00

I did the offer zooba and advantage Language,and got their credit in three days, so maybe i can borrow u one of them!! I mean i waste 1 credit!! and hope u get your credit today or tomorrow!!


02-12-2007 15:15:34

Still no answer... But I now have 16 referral with 3 people that completed an offer.


04-12-2007 20:54:06

It just depends on the tracking of the cookies, obviously your cookies are messed up and trainn never received them. And by the way, when you file for "missing credit" it takes about 2 weeks for it to credit.