Google SEO Supervisor -- Instant offer?

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25-11-2007 08:11:13

OK, last night I completed the offer "Google SEO Supervisor" and after I completed it, I figured I would green almost right away because its an instant offer, well that wasn't the case. I am now worried that I might be DQed because I've completed eAuction Tutor in the past, and I know they are ran by the same company.

Could it be that? Should I do another offer? I only have 24hrs to complete the offer, and that was from last night. Or could it be because its the weekend (holiday at that) and they are just closed up for the weekend?



26-11-2007 09:24:47

No, it should not be that, as you are allowed to do each of those offers once. Sometimes offers just don't credit instantly, even though they typically do. Just wait it out 7 days to see if it credits, if not, then submit an MCR and wait for Trainn to process it and hear back from the affiliate.

Speak with the person that you agreed to do this with and see if he/she is willing to wait on your MCR. If not, and you agreed to complete the site in 24 hours, then you might want to do a different offer.